We are all aware of the negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle with fast food, too much stress, alcohol and nicotine, which explains the trend for detoxification treatments.


However, it is less well known that environmental toxins such as smog, ozone and electric smog can also permanently damage our skin.

Deep penetrating UV light and the resulting free radicals are responsible for 50% of premature skin aging.

They damage molecules that are essential for cell function, which accelerates the aging process. 


So-called antioxidants have been proven to capture free radicals and render them harmless. 


Prof. Dr. Ockenfels and his team have managed to develop a unique combination of active ingredients which works on three levels:


  • Combats environmental aging by removing toxins from the skin, preventing damage to the cell and strengthening it against environmental stress

  • Combats also the biological aging of the skin by prevention of collagen degradation, improvement of water binding capacity and promotion of cell regeneration

  • Unique sunscreen concept with UVA protection in DAY CREAM and FLUID and individually dosed sun protection drops, suitable for every lifestyle 


The active ingredients concept is based on the comprehensive effects of the edelweiss.