Nowadays, the human body is exposed to the most various internal and external stresses:

  • Excessive consumption of sugar, animal protein, salt and white flour products

  • Highly processed food and confectionery

  • Pollutants and toxins from the environment

  • Chemicals in household products and clothing

  • Electrosmog, an increasing heavy metal load as well as increased UV radiation

  • Increasing stress levels

  • Lack of movement and much more


Both for the body as well as for the skin, these influences can become a burden. They distort the acid-base balance. This leads to deficiencies in important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. More free radicals are formed.

The Answer: Detox

With detox from inside and outside the body can actively rid itself of pollutants and slag.
As one of the most important detoxification organs, the skin should be particularly well-groomed. DETOX INTENSE by Prof. Dr. Ockenfels supplies it from the outside with a highly effective combination of herbal active ingredients.
DETOX INTENSE helps the skin to fight off free radicals, to protect itself from pollutants and toxins from the environment and to free it from deposits.

Detox from Inside

For a youthful, fresh look, however, not only the detox approach from the outside is sufficient. Detox from inside perfectly complements the DETOX INTENSE skin care and can help to a new wellbeing.
Detox is not just a fasting cure but a life setting. The basis is the daily conscious, balanced, nutritious and nutritious diet. The focus is on herbal, fresh, natural and high quality food. Detox from inside can also be supported by a fasting, base fasting, a juice cleanse as well as by mental or digital detox.


Complement your detox program with the DETOX INTENSE Treatment and with the Day Spa and Weekend Getaway in exclusive institutes and wellness hotels. They were developed in close collaboration with the renowned Food & Health consultant Nadine Hüttenrauch. 




Nadine Hüttenrauch is Food & Health Coach, Editor, Trainer and Expert in Detox Nutrition. She is a certified health, nutrition and life consultant and business trainer. The Detox expert has completed further training in the areas of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and meditation.




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