Detox from inside and outside for a new wellbeing and a youthful-fresh radiance!
Discover the unique integrated approach of DETOX INTENSE and JARMINO.

JARMINO offers high-quality nutritional products for health-conscious people. The ingredients for the products come from ecological agriculture and are mostly derived from the Bavarian Alpine foothills.
The particularly gentle preparation without refined sugars, wheat gluten as well as additives and preservatives ensures the best possible preservation of vitamins and nutrients.

The JARMINO detox boxes bring the acid-base balance back into harmony and support the introduction into a basic nutritional diet.


The detox programs were developed by Food & Health Coach Nadine Hüttenrauch. The expert also regularly writes detox tips for the DETOX INTENSE blog.

DETOX INTENSE is now available in the JARMINO detox boxes with two luxury samples!

The boxes are available as three-, five-, seven- and 14-day detox programs. They are all-round care packs that help detoxify the body while providing vital vitamins and nutrients.


DETOX INTENSE completes your JARMINO Detox program. After your time out, you will feel fit, light and energized, both inside and outside. Your skin maintains a healthy, clear radiance!

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