In my work as a dermatologist at the Skin Clinic of the University of Essen, I have treated numerous patients with skin damage caused by the sun and weather. This made me decide to research the effects of sunlight on the skin more intensively. 


In 2009 and 2010, I carried out a study involving 900 patients, some of whom were also golfers. Bei ihnen konnte ich ein 8,5 fach erhöhtes Risiko für lichtbedingte Hautschäden feststellen. I found that they were 8.5 times more likely to show evidence of skin damage resulting from sunlight. My study clearly showed me just how important it is to protect the skin against excessive sunshine.


Free radicals play a major role in the aging process of the skin. However, the skin does not only age as the result of external influences, but also from inside, as the result of the natural breakdown of collagen. This is another subject I have been researching intensively for many years.


I have incorporated the results of all my research into skin aging in the development of the cosmetics range DETOX INTENSE so I can be sure that every single product meets my personal claim: the best possible protection for your skin against premature skin aging!

Prof. Dr. Hans Michael Ockenfels

[Senior Physician at the Skin and Allergy Clinic Hanau]

[Consultant physician to the World Federation of Modern Pentathlon UIPM in the IOC]

[Chairman of the Anti-Doping Commission in the UIPM]

[World's only consulting dermatologist at Olympia]