Prof. Dr. Ockenfels is the chief physician of the Skin and Allergy Clinic at the Hanau Hospital. After years of research, he and his team have succeeded in developing the unique, innovative active ingredient composition of the DETOX INTENSE skin care line.

Since when are you researching the subject of skin aging?

Since starting my career in dermatology. Over the years, I have explored various aspects, such as special enzymes that are stimulated in the skin by oxidative stress and are significantly involved in skin aging. The main prevention of skin aging is the neutralization of the environmental stress in the skin and the associated free radicals.

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are molecules that arise from molecular oxygen in cells as a result of the metabolic process. By releasing them, they damage the molecules that are important for the function of the cell, thereby promoting the aging process.

How can one counteract the skin aging process?

So-called antioxidants can verifiably trap and neutralize free radicals. The DETOX INTENSE line combines the most effective herbal, free radical scavengers and helps the skin to fight off free radicals. Thus, the active ingredient concept actively protects against premature, environmental skin aging.

Why did you choose the edelweiss stem cell as the central active ingredient?

Plant stem cells are able to produce all the substances found in the plant, so that the variety of highly effective agents and protective mechanisms that Edelweiss stem cells have been shown to increase the regeneration of the skin and skin stem cells. The extract from the Edelweiss stem cell has a strong antioxidant and vasoconstrictor. It regenerates the elasticity of the skin and promotes collagen synthesis.

For which age groups is the DETOX INTENSE line particularly suitable?

The goal of the line is to preserve the skin and prolong its youthful, fresh appearance. It has a strong antioxidant effect with an effective vitamin cocktail and selected berry extracts. The active ingredient composition of the innovative concentrate and the highly effective ampoule, which is used in the intensive DETOX INTENSE treatment, also stimulate the collagen synthesis and ensure a firming of the skin.