Food & Health Coach Nadine Hüttenrauch in an interview

Nadine Hüttenrauch is a food & health coach, editor, trainer and expert in the field of detox nutrition. She is a certified health, nutrition and life counselor. The detox expert has completed advanced training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and meditation.

Here on the blog she shares her knowledge about detox and delicious recipes.

Mrs. Huttenrauch, what does a Food & Health Coach do?

As a health coach, I help people find their individual and personal path to a healthier lifestyle and nutritional style.

I've found that people - especially in these days when there are so many theories and approaches to nutrition and health and these are so prevalent and unfiltered through the media - are often very confused, which is right, good and healthy. The answer lies within ourselves: Our body shows us the right way. But first of all, it can be a challenge to listen to oneself and the body's own signals. I support this by going with clients above all the path of self-awareness.

For example, I like to start my work with a detox program. Because this can usually quickly show people how much food can affect the body. Through the experience of a detox program, they experience for themselves how much better they can feel through a healthy diet.

What does detoxification mean?

Detoxing means relieving the body and allowing it to rid itself of pollutants, toxins and acids.

Detox is not a novel trend of our time. Even Hippocrates of Kos used detoxification methods to cleanse the body. For Sebastian Kneipp detoxification was an important part of health. Fasting, which has been anchored in various religions for millennia, not only has a spiritual aspect, but also serves to cleanse and relieve the body.

Why is detox so relevant today?

The modern lifestyle - so many amenities and benefits it has brought - has led to drastic changes for many people. These can have consequences for the body and the health.

For one thing, the diet has changed a lot. On the one hand there is an excessive consumption of sugar, animal protein, salt, white flour products and other highly processed foods including additives and preservatives, as well as luxury foods such as alcohol and cigarettes. These foods have a strong acidifying effect on the body and can unbalance the acid-base balance. In addition, there are more harmful substances and toxins from the environment, chemicals in household products and clothing, medicines, electrosmog, an increasing heavy metal pollution and increased UV radiation. An increasing level of stress and lack of exercise can also be a burden on the body.

Regular cleansing of the body is therefore so relevant today.

What can be the consequences of this modern lifestyle?

The altered and often unnatural diet can lead to indigestion, a bloated stomach to intolerance and allergies. Loss of energy, tiredness and skin problems can also be consequences. Combined with chronic stress and environmental stress, the modern lifestyle can have other consequences, such as chronic diseases and premature aging.

But should not the body be able to heal itself and detoxify?

Yes, but ... Our body is, to a certain extent, able to balance out the environmental, dietary & other burdens and, for example, to carry away acids, pollutants and toxins independently, or to neutralize free radicals. As it often is, it is always the question is - to what extend.

First of all, the detoxification organs of the intestines, lungs, liver, kidneys and skin are responsible for reducing toxins and pollutants that enter the body through, for example, the environment or nutrition. However, if the amount of toxins, pollutants and acids is too much, the detoxification organs may eventually become overloaded. If the capacity of the detoxification organs is reached, further endogenous buffer systems are activated, which neutralize the pollutants and acids and "deposit" them as so-called slags, for example in the skin or in the tissue. This can lead to the above consequences and symptoms.

What are the possibilities for detoxification?

There are very different ways to detox. These possibilities can, in my view, be divided into two main areas: detox from the inside and detox from the outside.

The basis for detoxifying from inside is the diet. This should be fundamentally balanced, rich in nutrients and rich in vital substances and should contain a high proportion of vegetable, fresh, natural and high-quality foods.

In addition, the body can be supported in detoxing from the inside by consuming foods and products that are rich in antioxidants or are able to bind pollutants. Many antioxidants include, for example, berries and citrus fruits. Another way to cleanse the body from the inside is a targeted strengthening of the detoxification organs. For example, by sufficient drinking - mainly still mineral water - the kidney function can be stimulated. And of course, detox treatments or even single detox days are ways to relieve the body and the detoxification organs.

The classic detoxification and purification methods from outside include sauna sessions and steam baths. But also base baths and brush massages support the detox from the outside.

In addition, the targeted use of appropriate skin care products is an important way to protect the skin as an important detoxification and cleanse, such as the product line DETOX INTENSE by Prof. Dr. med. Ockenfels.